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Experience the Power of Cloud ERP with Tetrad and Sage Intacct. Streamline operations, drive growth, and unlock the full potential of your business with our innovative, cloud-based solutions

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Sage Intacct is a comprehensive, cloud-based ERP system designed to optimize your business processes, enhance financial management, and deliver real-time operational insights

Save Time

Sage Intacct's automated and integrated system eliminates the need for manual data entry and time-consuming reconciliation processes. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more on strategic initiatives that fuel your business growth

Save Resources

Minimize the demand on your IT team with Sage Intacct's cloud-based system. Enjoy seamless system updates, security enhancements, and third-party integrations without any additional resource strain.

Save Money

With Sage Intacct's predictable pricing and subscription-based model, you can significantly reduce upfront capital expenses and ongoing maintenance costs. Redirect your budget towards core business activities, talent acquisition, and innovation.

Our Services

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Simplify your global financial management with Sage Intacct's automated multi-entity consolidation. Handle different currencies, adhere to local tax regulations, and generate consolidated financial reports with ease and accuracy.

Dashboarding & reporting.

Unlock data-driven decision-making with Sage Intacct's advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. Our customized dashboards and interactive visualizations provide real-time insights into your financial and operational performance, empowering you to identify trends, track KPIs, and optimize efficiency.

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Gain full financial visibility into your projects with Sage Intacct's robust project accounting features. Manage your project costs, streamline time and expense management, and enhance project profitability with real-time data and comprehensive financial reporting.


Sage Intacct is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses across various industries, including finance, accounting, services, and nonprofit sectors. Its robust and customizable features can also be beneficial for large enterprises looking to streamline their financial processes and gain real-time business insights.

Yes, Sage Intacct takes data security very seriously. It employs advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication, and conducts regular vulnerability assessments to ensure the highest level of security. Additionally, Sage Intacct adheres to stringent data protection protocols to safeguard sensitive financial and client data.

Sage Intacct provides real-time insights and comprehensive analytics, facilitating data-driven decision-making. Its centralized system gives a holistic view of key business processes, enabling executives to monitor performance, identify trends, and make informed strategic choices. The real-time dashboards, customized reports, and interactive visualizations empower businesses to track key performance indicators and drive operational efficiency.

Sage Intacct helps businesses save money by eliminating the need for large upfront capital investments and ongoing maintenance expenses associated with traditional ERP systems. Its cloud-based, subscription model offers predictable and transparent pricing structures, ensuring businesses only pay for the resources they use. This results in improved Return on Investment (ROI), enabling organizations to achieve quicker time-to-value and long-term cost saving

Absolutely. Sage Intacct is designed to integrate seamlessly with a multitude of other business applications, allowing for optimal flexibility and scalability. This means you can create a comprehensive business management solution that suits your specific needs, whether you want to connect it with your CRM like Salesforce, or other third-party applications for expense management, payroll, and more.s.

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