Metal Tiger Plc is an investment company focused on natural resources. They are listed on the London stock exchange AIM Market (“AIM”), code MTR, and are made up of two investment divisions, Direct Equities and Direct Projects.



Metal Tiger Plc needed a financial system that could seamlessly manage operational data across multiple countries and effectively deal with foreign currency revaluations. The system needed to easily consolidate information from multiple entities and provide a holistic management view for effective decision making.


By implementing the cloud-based SAGE Intacct platform, Metal Tiger Plc could consolidate and manage multi-country operations efficiently. As a true cloud solution, this removed the need to manage multiple IT environments to support the multi-country operations. Foreign currency revaluations were now just a click away, further enhancing consolidations and thus efficiency. With intelligent dashboarding and reporting, board members instantly had a birds-eye view of all relevant information from all the operational regions, allowing for effective decision-making.


Improved efficiency and global visibility have benefitted the business immensely.