Fluidrock Governance is an independent governance firm in South Africa, driven by some of the most well-known and experienced professionals in the industry.



Like many other businesses in South Africa, Fluidrock Governance relied on siloed legacy systems to manage and track their daily business operations. This included their customer relationship information. The team was losing valuable time reproducing standard documentation and was failing to engage effectively with their customers, thereby sacrificing valuable business in the process.


Tetrad IT worked with the Fluidrock Governance team to implement, tailor and optimize the Salesforce CRM platform and Pardot to meet their business requirements. This provided a boost in efficiency through the automation of repetitive, mundane tasks. To make up for the initial lack of Salesforce understanding, Helena Matthee of Fluidrock Governance took the time to learn Salesforce and the capabilities of the platform with Pardot. Her effort eased the implementation for the Tetrad IT and Fluidrock Governance teams by her being able to request enhancements that were within the capabilities of the platform, and refining previously stated requirements. Her proficiency in the system led to her taking over portions of the implementation as a form of hands-on experience that she will need as a superuser. Fluidrock Governance now has a full 360° view of their customers’ information and the interactions these customers have with the team. They can also effectively manage their different business units from a preconfigured central repository, and the system allows for the speedy generation of key standard documents. The implementation of Pardot helps Fluidrock Governance to create meaningful connections with prospective clients, increase their sales pipeline flow, and empower their sales team to close more deals. With Pardot integrated with their website, unique page visitors and prospects are collected in Pardot where marketers nurture the prospects into leads on the Salesforce CRM.


Fluidrock Governance operates completely on Salesforce on a daily basis. They now have better tracking and insights available, and website activity is immediately actioned by the marketing team. Many processes have been automated, resulting in a boost in efficiency and productivity for the entire team.