Old Mutual Insure, a short-term insurance company predominantly serving the Southern African region, found itself confronted with a formidable



The imperative to elevate their client service to new heights. Their aspiration was clear - they aimed to furnish clients with swift responses to queries and deliver precise quotes within remarkably short turnaround times. This mission demanded a profound understanding of their clientele and the utilization of customer insights to not only optimize service but also curtail operational costs.


The remedy to this conundrum emerged through the strategic implementation of Salesforce Cloud Services, which encompassed Financial Services, Sales, and Service Cloud. Complementing these were auxiliary tools like Lead Capture, fortifying Old Mutual Insure's ability to gather and leverage invaluable customer data, thereby equipping them to make enlightened decisions to enhance their service quality.


The outcome of this transformation was nothing short of remarkable. By seamlessly integrating social media platforms and various in-house systems with Salesforce, Old Mutual Insure established a centralized repository for comprehensive customer data. Leveraging this wealth of information with acumen, they succeeded in reducing turnaround times, amplifying profitability, and uncovering fresh avenues for cross-selling and upselling their insurance products. Old Mutual Insure's proactive approach not only revolutionized their client service but also solidified their competitive stance and bolstered their financial performance, exemplifying how technology and customer insights can catalyse business success in the modern era.