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Rogz is a globally recognized brand that was founded in 1995 that designs, manufactures and distributes pet gear. The headquarters is based in Cape town, South Africa and distribute to over 90 countries across 5 continents around the world. In May 2022, Rogz became the first African company to join the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC). Rogz is dedicated to the implementation around sustainability.

The Challenge:

Rogz distributes products to multiple outlets, both local and international.

Executives were lacking insights as to which Channels were performing in terms of Sales and Opportunities.

Rogz client did not have a view on the status of Orders.

Rogz lacked a 360 Degree view of the customers from a Sales and Support and Backoffice perspective due to siloed departmentswithinRogz.

Sales reps were using time for Admin due to the lack of consolidated information instead of selling due to disparate systems.

The Solution

Integrating Salesforce into the Rogz ERP assistedwith:

  • Better Management of customer orders.
  • Quick view of products when placing order
  • Reports & Dashboards for easy access to key information.
  • 360 Degree view of customer so that one could act timeously on the right information.
  • Real time Data sync so that the correct stock is visible, avoiding cancelled or postponed orders.
  • Improved automation during the sales cycle to improve the orderprocess, thereby improving admin time.

The Outcome

Impact of Salesforce in the Sales Cycle:

- Identifying and nurturing opportunities.

- Business decisionsare made more timeouslyand efficiently based on live data in Reports.

- Less dependencies of desperate systems, as all the necessary data is visible in one application – thereby making agents more effective.


- A Simplified order management process for customers and Sales Reps, enabling more Sales in less time.

- Sales reps have access to historical information to support any conversation they may have with the customers.

- Increased Loyalty as customers are notified of Status Updates of the Orders and queries logged, as well as moving the customer to self-service.